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Environmental, Social and Governance


a future that cares for the society and the environment and a strong focus on the customer



For Flessofab it has always been essential to have a business model based on a future careful towards the society and the environment,

promoting a “sustainability culture” and a strong focus on the client and on the development and integration of the ESG criteria (Environmental, Social e Governance). During 2021, the Company has decided to undertake a structured sustainability path that will lead, in the coming months, to the definition of a Strategic Sustainability Plan and to the implementation of ambitious short and long-term initiatives. Starting a strategic project focused on Sustainability aims, on the one hand, at enhancing existing initiatives – such as research projects on Bio Plastics – and on the other, at seizing new business opportunities and starting innovative projects, aimed at reducing the environmental impacts of the company and consolidating its corporate social responsibility.

SDG12 responsible consumption and production

our sustainable packaging

green pack is recyclable, thinner to reduce the use of plastic, resistant to avoid product waste, and divisible to make its disposal easier.