Everything begins from roots.


Our extensive expertise when it comes to passing tests, successful or modified projects, goals we’ve set and then achieved, consolidated values and the new foundations upon which we hope to build.


This story began more than half a century ago in 1964,
when a small family-owned business was founded in Nocera Superiore (Salerno) Italy. The company originally operated in the packaging sector, and over time, grew to become a leading company, both as far as technology and production development are concerned.


The company, as it is now known today, was founded: Flessofab. Its core business was to convert
flexible packaging via both flexographic and rotogravure techniques. Thirty years later, the company was still clinging to its founding values which had always guided its business: self-sacrifice, passion and intuition. High production volumes go hand in hand with great flexibility, and this resulted in an organisation structured for specific sectors which employed highly-professional staff.


As the orders increased, the company decided to expand
The rotogravure department was moved to a 5460 m2 factory - in Montemiletto, the province of Avellino - and was called M1.

growing together



The whole headquarters was moved to a second factory
in Montemiletto, comprising 14,400 m2 and called M2.


A third factory with a surface area of 9600 m2 was acquired with storage and logistics in mind.
A dynamic organisation was then set up with all the space needed to guarantee lead times and maximum efficiency.

2020 — 2021

The fleet of machinery was renewed - thanks to investments accumulated over the years - aimed at guaranteeing increasingly advanced and reliable production lines, which are able to offer higher-quality printing results.
The company continues to develop with regard to Industry 4.0, not only from a technological innovation point of view, but also as far as the organisational side is concerned.