Bag Production


We design and produce standard heat-sealed and Doypack-type bags.


A range of sacks and bags obtained from a single film or bonded with two or more layers.

Solutions designed to seal the contents, protect them from external agents and guarantee the product’s shelf-life.



tear notch


Various options (zip, tear notch and pre-perforated detail), can be added to make the packaging suitable for containing a wide range of products, such as legumes, pasta, coffee, rice, spices, sweets, dried fruit, snacks, pet food and much more.

Premade pouches


Complete product customisation according to the needs dictated by the intended use.

Innovative packaging, with high-added value. As a result of the stand-up format, the packaging is freestanding, which makes it easy to handle and arrange on the store shelves.
The Doypack bag makes the product stand out on the shelf, makes portioning easier, uses 75% less plastic than a rigid container with the same capacity and provides a wide area upon which information can be printed.

75% less

It can also be fitted with various accessories.

A resealable zip for products that can be opened time and time again, a tear notch to make the packaging easier to open in the preferred area, caps to use it as a bottle and a Euro hole for hanging the bag on a display and other stands.