Shared value

Ethics is both a value and responsibility.


Our goal is to make the business culture principles - already defined in the Code of Ethics’

“Organisational, Management and Control Model" regarding preventing crimes concrete, and apply these on a daily basis. The principles were drawn up in accordance with the provisions of Italian Legislative Decree No. 231/01, and Flessofab has decided to adopt these, in order to formalise the values upon ​​which everyone's actions must be inspired, namely transparency, correctness and loyalty.

Flessofab is committed to a sustainability-focused tangible cultural approach, that involves not only adopting an ethical behavior, but aiming at global sustainability from a social, environmental and economic point of view.


Governance has already been geared towards combining the family-run business identity with a more modern organisational concept,

based on a heterogeneous group of people who can equally assert their skills for the common good of the company. In other words, a project and objective-structured dynamic organisation.



A production based on the quality of the end-product, not only from a financial perspective, but in relation to all the stakeholders involved.

social responsibility

Social responsibility which translates into the guarantee of equal opportunities for everyone within the company and into the promotion of local cultural, sports and editorial initiatives.


Eco-efficiency, i.e. the simultaneous reduction of costs and environmental impact, by means of improved procedures and product innovation.