a new journey

Each product is a new journey.


We invest the most in new projects and experiments.

Our company philosophy is focused on the continuous improvement of the performance of products packaged with polymeric materials and their processes. This drives us to the constant monitoring of customer needs, becoming a strategic point of contact between clients and raw-material or machinery suppliers.

smart design

In addition to the creation of the Green Pack line, the company has carried out several other projects, whilst some are still currently in progress.

shelf life

Using new materials to extend the product’s shelf life.

new solutions

Optimising the packaging phase (speed and waste) by adopting new packaging solutions.


Changing the thickness of the packaging in order to reduce packaging waste.


Creating and optimising recyclable packaging.


Critically evaluating the use of biodegradable and compostable plastics.

no additives

Producing films with no chlorinated additives/adjuvants.

barrier film

Creating ALU-free barrier films

Flessofab, certifying bodies and universities.

All experimental projects make use of the accreditation process by certified bodies and take place in line with the guidelines of the relevant scientific community. The company also boasts a long-established collaboration with the University of Naples “Federico II”.