People are the push of growth


A team that shares common goals, in which responsibilities are divided among its members

a common feeling and a strong individual commitment, a young and innovative mentality, and being guided by the experience of the manager.


Constant training


Flessofab's people represent the main resource, the true motor of a vision aimed at the constant search for innovative solutions that meet the needs of a market that is constantly and rapidly evolving.

The low average age of the staff, the constant training, the team spirit, and the enthusiasm towards renewal and discovery are the main characteristics of a young, tenacious, proactive team, which is a precious resource for the company.
We dedicate an initial training period to the people who join our company to allow them to become aware of the internal organization, of the short and long-term objectives, of the sector and the related regulations, and then we continue with constant updating sessions.

Working for projects, belonging to a team, having the certainty that your contribution is always as fundamental

as that of everyone else's, being appreciated for your skills and competences, planning with a view to growth: this is the meaning of giving value to people.

SDG17 partnerships

we do great things together

We have always believed in synergies and collaborations aimed at development and, because of this, we promote partnerships with universities and research institutions to achieve common goals together.