Connected skills

Where skills, dedicated research and teamwork are all connected.


We love to identify our company’s character through the flexible and friendly products we manufacture.

We are flexible

like our product, packaging film that matches customer’s needs, communicates effectively, and adopts the best solution in terms of environmental choice and performance.

We are friendly

like the packaging we produce, which respects the circular economy principles and protects all the products consumers love and need, in a sustainable way.

A packaging that informs, educates, and clarifies doubts.


Converters specialized in the production of flexible packaging, Flessofab offers high-quality customized solutions for packaging.
We always work dedicating resources and energies for product innovation, through research and experimentation. That led us to develop a new sustainable product: Green Pack, our totally recyclable film that respects the environment. The solution we offer comes from the ability to listen and monitor market and customer’s needs and to translate them in new packaging solutions. We guarantee our professional advice at every stage of the project development, together with the application of the latest technology system, choosing the better packaging solution suitable for each product, in terms of film type and laminated, thickness and system for opening/closing (easy peel, resealable packaging or zipper).

Green pack is the solution for a safe and sustainable packaging.

a new way​


Our approach aims to prove that flexible packaging can and must be sustainable.
Flessofab is the strategic partner for the production of packaging with a high visual impact and high-performance standards, customizable in terms of raw materials and intended use. Our main goal is to provide to each customer a perfect packaging for its product, a pack that preserves its properties during handlings, easily usable, that stands out on the shelf. Our know-how allows us to satisfy the requests of many product sectors and to recommend innovative techniques to create eco-friendly products.

Looking forward is our mission statement.

Sustainable plastic can still be the right choice for the future of flexible packaging.


Thanks to our organizational and productive flexibility, we can serve with appropriate solutions a variety of different markets.
High-quality product certified by ISO and BRC standards

In-house logistics services

Advanced technical know-how for operations

Strong attitude for innovation

Continuous improvement of the digitization process at every stage of product development

Management of information flows and interconnection of machineries, equipment and plants in accordance with Industry 4.0 standards

Relevant presence on the national market and well-established reputation

We work to anticipate customer’s needs, offering tailor-made solutions.