preserve our planet

We want a safe world.


Reduce the environmental impact, make research a constant trend, use advanced technologies that promote reuse and recovery.

We believe that the world must be a safe place as far as both our health and the environment is concerned. And we work hard to make this happen.


Solvent recovery

As a result of the rotogravure printing machine, the system ensures a high-efficiency abatement of VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions and a high ethyl acetate recovery. Thanks to its high purity rate of approx. 18 tonnes of ethyl acetate can be reused into the production cycle every year, whilst reducing the environmental impact by not having to purchase new solvent. The constant solvent concentration checks and the oxygen-free activated carbon regeneration ensure complete process safety

18 T

Thermal oxidation

The thermal oxidation system - connected to the three flexographic printing machines - ensures VOC abatement via oxidation at 800°C. The combustion heat produced by the exothermic oxidation reaction helps to reduce - and even almost fully eliminate - the combustible gas consumption (methane). For concentrations higher than the autothermal level, the burner can remain off, with only the pilot flame remaining lit.

800° C


Our photovoltaic system has an installed capacity of 403 kWp and covers a surface area of 4100 m2. It annually produces 475 MWh of clean energy, thereby reducing the CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by roughly 250 tonnes a year.

4100 mq

SDG13 climate action

Balancie is the solution

The common goal is to help protect the environment by minimising harmful emissions, producing renewable, clean energy and developing truly recyclable packaging solutions.