The result of a continuous commitment.


Constant control, safe materials and processes, and testing solutions.

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We believe in the option and importance of expressing the best business performance when you have the competence to do so.
For this reason, our production and organisation choices have always been based on total quality management which is periodically certified by international accrediting bodies. The goal is to guarantee product control throughout the entire processing cycle, by ensuring compliance with both the sector-specific regulations and the standards required by our customers.
In particular, we consider it essential to guarantee the hygienic-sanitary safety of the packaging materials, fully protect food-grade packaging from chemical substance migration, check the functionality of the packaging solutions and ensure health and safety in the workplace.

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.

new technologies

To maintain our high standards, we constantly invest in new technologies, process innovation, in the creation of human-friendly workspaces and employee training, with a view to continuous improvement.
Quality manufacturing also involves keeping up to date with the technical and legislative innovations.


In this sense, Flessofab acts before the law, by ensuring its customers receive constant support in this regard, aimed at ensuring product compliance on the national, European and extra-European markets. With regard to the recent updates in the environmental packing label sector, we promote adequate internal training and distribute informative material to customers.
The quality in which we believe and for which we constantly strive is not just about product compliance, but also the creation of a partnership path with our customers, with a sole purpose in mind: to grow together.